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January OWLS
Centerpieces by Adaptive Alliance
Lunch Is Served!
Adaptive Alliance Hosts OWLS Meeting
Adaptive Alliance Group
Adaptive Alliance, along with Carol Josh, served as hosts for the 25 OWLS potluck and program initiating the 2020 OWLS year. Center pieces were created by the Adaptive Alliance group. Adaptive Alliance’s spaghetti and meatballs was a big hit along with a large group of salads and yummy deserts. Following lunch Ashley, Program Director of Adaptive Alliance introduced all the individuals cared for by the group as well as all staff personal. Individuals also have outside jobs such as Culvers and other business places. As a group they help with Soup Lunch at St. Paul, Caritas, and attend movies and go bowling. They have room for about 10 individuals at a time. They are funded by insurance and other funding projects. They are open from 8-4 Mon.-Fri. Announcements included information on the Church Basement Ladies who will present A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement between April 16 and May 31. A show of hands showed several interested and will check on availability. The group donated $50 to Adaptive Alliance. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be February 27. Kathy Pohl will present the program on “Becca’s Closet”.