St. Paul Lutheran Church Call Committe News
The call committee has finished the second interviews with the (2) potential candidates. We met on Monday February 19 th  to discuss and review the two candidates. We compared the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses to our ministry site profile and through thoughtful prayer, and a committee consensus, we have a final recommendation for the church council. We have notified the church council and will meet with them to present our recommendation. At this meeting the call committee will present the candidate to the church council and through ample dialogue and discernment, the committee and council will be empowered to move forward with our candidate.  Once there is a consensus on the candidate, numerous logistical items will have to be completed before the candidate can be named and a special congregation meeting can be scheduled. Again, with everything that has to fall into place we anticipate having a pastor named by mid-March. The committee communicators will continue to make announcements before each service and updates will be posted in both the bulletins and the monthly newsletters. Please keep us in your prayers. The call committee members: Chairperson: Lisa Peterson Secretary: Audrey McManigle Communicator: Zach Fillbach and Mark Stibbe Spiritual Guide: Kathy Pohl and Katie Hassenfelt Alternate: Xander Murray